Our team

Zhengwei Danny Xie

Founder, CEO, Experts in AI, systems biology, aging and pharmacology.

Jingxiang Paul Wang

Pharmaceutical experts, in charge of experiments in obesity and NASH.

Mingjing Smith Gao

Experts in hyperuricemia, experienced in various animal models.

Zurui Kyle Liu

Computer scientist, application programmers, model development expert

Why choose us?

  1. Highly motivated team

    The drug cues diseases are our goals and mission.

  2. Cross-disiplinary background

    The founder is trained in various fields and the team is diverse.

  3. Professional and efficient

    Members comes from top ranked university over the world.


We are still looking for extinguished young scientist in multiple areas:

  • Project manager in cancer, metabolic disorders
  • Buisiness development
  • Experts in big data and deep learning
  • Biological scientist in omics data
  • Experts in Organic synthesis


  • Zhengwei's team is a leading team in China in the area of AI based drug development

    Tian Xu, vice dean of Xihu University
  • Won first place in 2019 national startup competition (Beijing)

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China
  • 30 other rewards in startup competitions

    Agency all over China